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    Research communities from different disciplines have different ambitions and approaches – particularly with respect to data organization and content but they share one common point: they all have basic data service requirements.

    EUDAT offers common data services, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network connecting general purpose data centres and community-specific data repositories. These shared services and storage resources are distributed across 15 European nations and data is stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers. EUDAT, a user-driven, service-oriented, trusted, secure and sustainable data infrastructure offers solutions for finding, sharing, storing, replicating, staging and performing computations with primary and secondary research data. Community-specific data repository managers can join the data infrastructure to archive, replicate, process and catalogue data on behalf of their community. While researchers (from academia and industry), citizen scientists, policy makers, and members of the public can share, discover and re-use data via the EUDAT CDI services:

    1. B2DROP Sync and Exchange Research Data
    2. B2SHARE Store and Share Research Data
    3. B2SAFE Replicate Research Data Safely
    4. B2STAGE Get Data to Computation
    5. B2FIND Find Research Data

    EUDAT has a dedicated support helpdesk for all its services. In addition a number of enabling services have been implemented such as a service to register and resolve persistent identifiers and methods for authentication and authorization in distributed infrastructures.


    B2SERVICES in a Nutshell? Check out the presentation

    EUDAT is also working on B2NOTE offering semantic referencing and annotation which will be made available in due course.

    Read the complete EUDAT Service Roadmap for more details.