Identity & authorisation

Use Cases

The EIDA Authentication System: a federated approach to AAI for the scientific community

EIDA is a collaborative network of seismological data centres aimed at securely storing seismic waveform data and metadata collected by European research infrastructures.

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Research data repository for students’ own results

In the Department of Physics of University of Helsinki, the masters level training of physicists have traditionally included extensive laboratory experiments, their documentation and reporting.

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Central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers

Creation of a central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers.

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Public access to fine-grained city air quality data from roving sensors

PAIRQURS is the public data access component of the project LIFE+RESPIRA.

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Information and Data Management Repository Platform for Nanoscience in Europe

The efficient data archiving for nanoscience community is a key challenge, i.e.

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Integrated Carbon Observation System

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a new European research infrastructure (RI) with the mission to enable research to understand the

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Supporting data management for structural biologists

West-Life will provide a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for structural biologists across Europe with users ranging from PhD students to professors.

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B2ACCESS is perfect for:

End-users of the B2 Suite and community applications that can be integrated with B2ACCESS to get user identities and attributes got Authorization and Authentication decisions

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