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Use Cases

PreMaCOOL: Predictive Maintenance for Commercial Cooling Systems

Since 1984, Klimamichaniki has been a dynamic force in Greece's HVAC and energy sectors, consistently leading the way with innovative approaches.

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EUDAT services in ROHub for storage of scientific artefacts and publication of research objects

ROHub is a research-enabling service in EOSC supporting scientists in the adoption of FAIR and Open Science principles.

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Data Management in CompBioMed using EUDAT services

CompBioMed is a European commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence (CoE) focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical application.

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European Network for Earth System Modelling

The European Network for Earth System Modeling (ENES) is developing a common climate and Earth system modeling distributed research infrastructure in Europe integrating the European community on Ea

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Linked Data service pilot

The EUDAT semantic annotation service aims to look at the technical options for providing a linked data service to EUDAT participants and stakeholders.

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Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure

CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure in Europe.

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Jülich Atmospheric Data Distribution Service

The Jülich Atmospheric Data Distribution Service (JADDS) aims at providing the regional air quality community world-wide with customized atmospheric boundary conditions of trace gas and aerosol con

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High resolution simulations for Precision Cosmology

The SIMCODE-DS project deals with the need of high resolution simulations in view of the advent of what is known as the epoch of “Precision Cosmology”.

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Research data repository for students’ own results

In the Department of Physics of University of Helsinki, the masters level training of physicists have traditionally included extensive laboratory experiments, their documentation and reporting.

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EUDAT as a long-term repository for the University of Porto

The DataPublication@ U.Porto pilot gathers experiments where Dendro, a prototype Research Data Management platform, is used as a gateway to EUDAT.

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Cloud-like services to improve the preservation of digital cultural heritage

For the benefit of cultural organisations the National Library of Scotland, working with Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) and with the support of the National Galleries of Scotland and th

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European Plate Observing System

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) is the integrated solid Earth Sciences research infrastructure approved by the European Strategy For

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Central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers

Creation of a central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers.

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Public access to fine-grained city air quality data from roving sensors

PAIRQURS is the public data access component of the project LIFE+RESPIRA.

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Information and Data Management Repository Platform for Nanoscience in Europe

The efficient data archiving for nanoscience community is a key challenge, i.e.

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Supporting data management for structural biologists

West-Life will provide a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for structural biologists across Europe with users ranging from PhD students to professors.

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Tokamak data mirror for JET and MAST data

Our data pilot will provide a mirror of experimental data from two magnetic confinement nuclear fusion devices (Tokamaks) at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE): the Joint European Torus (JE

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The use of the EUDAT repository to store clinical trials in a secure and compliant way

The EUDAT repository and services will be used for the secure, GCP (Good Clinical Practice) compliant and transparent storage of clinical trials data.

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B2SHARE is perfect for:

  • Researchers who require adequate facilities for storing research data with metadata
  • Researchers who would like to guarantee the long-term persistence of their locally-stored data
  • Researchers who require adequate facilities to easily share data, results or ideas with colleagues worldwide

B2SHARE is available for all researchers and scientists who are affiliated to research institutions or universities as well as to individual researchers (citizen scientists). To deposit research data, researchers must register.


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Resource offers

For Researchers - Basic

B2SHARE is a free-to-use public service supporting cross disciplinary research, self-registration for any scientists and researchers, free upload of stable research data, data will receive a DOI which can be used for citing, data objects will receive a B2HANDLE PID, access policy is defined by the data owner, metadata in openly accessible and made discoverable via B2FIND, Direct uploads from B2DROP, data integrity is ensured by checksums which are calculated during data ingest.


For Data managers - Premium

The B2SHARE - Premium service is the same as the basic service, but provides researchers the option to upload of larger data files and datasets (>20GB) and the customization of metadata extensions.

Requested resource capacity100GB - higher than 1TB
Max size datasetlower than 40GB - higher than 80GB
Is a specific community domain requiredyes - no
Is specific metadata requiredyes - no



For Communities And Organisations

The B2SHARE option for communities and organizations offers the option for dedicated and branded B2SHARE instances which can be customized to community and organizational needs. This support customization to the metadata schemas, community domains and access rights.

Requested total storage capacity1TB - higher than 10TB
How long must the data be stored3 years - more than 10 years



For Large datasets

EUDAT is a network service providers across Europe specialist in large ICT infrastructure supporting research. To researchers and/or communities seeking need to publish and/or make large datasets accessible in a FAIR way EUDAT can offer access to data repositories supporting large datasets (>50TB). These repositories are made available through the EUDAT partners.

Requested total storage capacity50TB - higher than 500TB
How long must the data be stored3 years - longer than 10 years