Any generic or thematic site hosting a data repository and providing ICT services to facilitate research is welcome to join the EUDAT CDI. Sites can join either as an interoperable or integrated node, which involve different levels of integration between the centre and the rest of the CDI and different levels of responsibility.


Interoperable or Integrated? Which one is for you?

Joining the CDI as an interoperable site is a relatively simple method of joining the EUDAT CDI network. As a minimum, interoperable sites need to have a data repository in which they preserve or curate data from either a single research community or, in the case of a generic data centre, where they host data from several research communities or experiments. It must be possible to identify the data hosted in the repository via some form of persistent identifier, and it must be possible to harvest and discover the associated metadata through EUDAT’s B2FIND service.

Integration into the EUDAT CDI represents a more significant step, both in terms of the functionality that is required of the site and the operational support that the site must be able to provide. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of an interoperable service provider, integrated service providers:

  1. integrate their local data infrastructure with the EUDAT CDI data management services (like B2SAFE),

  2. comply with the CDI common policy framework,

  3. provide a common access layer (CDI Gateways),
  4. integrate with a common Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure or AAI (such as B2ACCESS)
  5. and adhere to a common CDI service management framework.

How do I join?

Learn more about the specifics of being a member: DOWNLOAD THE EUDAT CDI BROCHURE HERE!

Email for more information.