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Blue-Cloud provides cross-domain marine data with EUDAT's B2FIND

One of the multidisciplinary research projects benefiting from EUDAT’s services is the H2020 project Blue-Cloud.

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European Network for Earth System Modelling

The European Network for Earth System Modeling (ENES) is developing a common climate and Earth system modeling distributed research infrastructure in Europe integrating the European community on Ea

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EUDAT services to guarantee long time archiving and visibility to the repository of IST Austria

IST DataRep is the institutional repository for publishing research output of IST Austria affiliates.

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Data storage and preservation of high resolution climate experiments

This pilot focuses on facilitating long-term storage and sharing amongst a wide scientific user community of high-resolution climate model output data.

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Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure

CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure in Europe.

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Jülich Atmospheric Data Distribution Service

The Jülich Atmospheric Data Distribution Service (JADDS) aims at providing the regional air quality community world-wide with customized atmospheric boundary conditions of trace gas and aerosol con

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Virtual Humans

The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) project aimed at making collaborative investigation of the human body possible across all the relevant scales (from the level of molecules through cells and or

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Enriching Europeana Newspapers

Enriching Europeana Newspapers aims to expose the full text aggregated as part of the Europeana Newspapers project.

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EUDAT as a long-term repository for the University of Porto

The DataPublication@ U.Porto pilot gathers experiments where Dendro, a prototype Research Data Management platform, is used as a gateway to EUDAT.

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An EUDAT-based FAIR Data Approach for Data Interoperability

To achieve data publication in a FAIR manner and foster their findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability, a set of (FAIR) data tools are being developed, including the FAIR Data P

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Central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers

Creation of a central online location for data sharing for all Aalto University researchers.

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Information and Data Management Repository Platform for Nanoscience in Europe

The efficient data archiving for nanoscience community is a key challenge, i.e.

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Integrated Carbon Observation System

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a new European research infrastructure (RI) with the mission to enable research to understand the

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Tokamak data mirror for JET and MAST data

Our data pilot will provide a mirror of experimental data from two magnetic confinement nuclear fusion devices (Tokamaks) at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE): the Joint European Torus (JE

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Unified Access to EISCAT radar data

The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates three incoherent scatter radars, instruments probing the Earth’s ionosphere.

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B2FIND is perfect for:

  •  Researchers or end users who want to search and access research data: Please read the section "How to find and access data using B2FIND" and/or the online Search Guide. You can use the B2FIND discovery portal available from http://b2find.eudat.eu.
  • Communities and other providers of research data who are interested in publishing their metadata in EUDAT: Please read the section "How to publish metadata in B2FIND" and contact us via the webform.
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For Researchers

B2FIND is a discovery service based on metadata steadily harvested from research data collections from EUDAT data centers and other community repositories. The service offers faceted browsing and it allows in particular to discover data that is stored through the B2SHARE service.


For Data Providers

To enlarge the discovery of existing datasets, data repository owners can make their research data collections stored in existing data repositories harvestable and discoverable via the public B2FIND service. To ease the process of harvesting data repository owners can assess the B2FIND guidelines for data providers.

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