Keep research data safe via data management policies

Use Cases

Data Management in CompBioMed using EUDAT services

CompBioMed is a European commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence (CoE) focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical application.

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EUDAT services to guarantee long time archiving and visibility to the repository of IST Austria

IST DataRep is the institutional repository for publishing research output of IST Austria affiliates.

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A distributed infrastructure for life-science information

ELIXIR builds a sustainable pan-European infrastructure for biological information, supporting life science research and its translation

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Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure

CLARIN is the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure in Europe.

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Long-term preservation of herbarium specimen images

Herbadrop is both an archival service for long-term preservation of herbarium specimen images and a tool for extracting information by image analysis.

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Support to scientific research on seasonal-to-decadal climate and air quality modelling

This pilot aims to “better simulate” climate change, at seasonal to decadal time scale and forecast air quality using both existing and locally developed models EC-Earth (global circulation model,

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High resolution simulations for Precision Cosmology

The SIMCODE-DS project deals with the need of high resolution simulations in view of the advent of what is known as the epoch of “Precision Cosmology”.

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Enriching Europeana Newspapers

Enriching Europeana Newspapers aims to expose the full text aggregated as part of the Europeana Newspapers project.

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European Plate Observing System

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) is the integrated solid Earth Sciences research infrastructure approved by the European Strategy For

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Integrated Carbon Observation System

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a new European research infrastructure (RI) with the mission to enable research to understand the

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Tokamak data mirror for JET and MAST data

Our data pilot will provide a mirror of experimental data from two magnetic confinement nuclear fusion devices (Tokamaks) at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE): the Joint European Torus (JE

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The use of the EUDAT repository to store clinical trials in a secure and compliant way

The EUDAT repository and services will be used for the secure, GCP (Good Clinical Practice) compliant and transparent storage of clinical trials data.

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Unified Access to EISCAT radar data

The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates three incoherent scatter radars, instruments probing the Earth’s ionosphere.

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European Long Term Ecological Research Network

Long-Term Ecosystem Research (LTER) is an essential component of worldwide efforts to better understand ecosystems. This comprises their structure, functions, and long-term response to environmental, societal and economic drivers. Read more



B2SAFE is perfect for:

Communities and organisations looking for long-term preservation of their data can use B2SAFE to replicating them to one or several other EUDAT sites. Community centres can also join the B2SAFE network which allows them to deploy the full B2SAFE software stack

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Resource offers

For Archival data

B2SAFE can provide an higher level of abstraction to different underlying Data Archival mechanisms, in order to maintain Data Objects metadata (including also PIDs) and integrating with external tools. This offer targets data which is not frequently used and needs to be stored for long term and offers the option to replicate data across different sites for safe keeping.

Requested initial storage capacity10TB - higher than 500TB
Expected increase per year10TB - higher than 100TB
Type of storageOnline - Offline
ReplicationNone - More than 1 site
Average file sizesmaller than 100MB - larger than 10GB
Expected number of filesless than 10k - more than 10M
Data access protocolGridFTP - Other
Data management policiesPID registration - None



For Active data

As a standard default mechanism B2SAFE can allow users to simply store data directly in the iRODS File System (iRODS FS), rather than the Object Storage or the Data Archival (as previously described). B2SAFE can create and assign PIDs to data objects, and store metadata associated to files and directories that have been saved to the Posix FS, on users behalf. This offer targets active data which is frequently used.

Requested initial storage capacity1TB - higher than 100TB
Expected increase per year1TB - higher than 20TB
ReplicationNone - More than 1 site
Backupyes - no
Average file sizesmaller than 10MB - larger than 1GB
Expected number of filesless than 10K - more than 10M
Data access protocolGridFTP - Other
Data management policiesPID registration - Other
Preferred provider(s)CINECA, CSC, FZJ, GRNET, IT4I, KIT, SNIC