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EUDAT Webinar: Organise, retrieve and aggregate data using annotations with B2NOTE

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Thursday, 16 March, 2017

Annotate your research data with B2NOTE

A note in the margins of a book or a scientific paper, a comment on a manuscript: we are all using annotations to add information to existing physical documents. To offer a similar experience with digital content within the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), we developed a service that allows associating additional information to a file, in a computer-readable format, without changing the file or the data record itself. These digital annotations can thus be searched to organize, retrieve and aggregate files, datasets and documents.
Although B2NOTE is a standalone service, it has been designed to be integrated with the existing EUDAT services. In the first pilot version, B2NOTE allows to annotate files located in B2SHARE. The service is called as a “widget” within the B2SHARE User Interface. B2NOTE allows you to easily and intuitively create three types of annotationsa semantic tag coming from identified ontology repositories (only Bioportal at the moment but we are working toward integrating more vocabularies), a free-text keyword that can be used when you do not find a semantic term in particular and a free-text comment.
Discover more on B2NOTE by clicking here or download the B2NOTE flyer here to have an complete overview about the service.
Why should you follow this webinar?
By following this webinar you will discover a new, more practical way to add digital annotations to your files. You will be presented the general principles of annotations and have the chance to view a short live demo of the pilot annotation service. 
About the speaker: Yann Le Franc
Dr. Yann Le Franc holds a PhD in Neuroscience with more than 10 years’ experience in academic research. He is expert in Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies applied to research data management solutions. In 2014, he created e-Science Data Factory, a start-up company aiming at developing data management solutions for researchers and providing expertise for building data management plans. He is involved in the development of semantic web services within the EUDAT CDI, the designer of the annotation service and the co chairman of the EUDAT semantic working group.

Did you miss the recent EUDAT Webinar "Organise, retrieve and aggregate data using annotations with B2NOTE"?

Don't worry, you can still access all materials used during the webinar below:

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