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EUDAT: Be part of Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016! Find out how....

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3 May 2016

In this special edition of our monthly bulletin you’ll find news of EUDAT’s involvement in the Digital Infrastructure for Research 2016 event in Krakow.  Find out how you can be a part of this fantastic event and submit your own workshops and presentations covering many subject areas. Trying to sum up research data management in 2 minutes is difficult, but with help from the EUDAT community we have produced a fantastic 2 minute video for you to watch and enjoy.


Digital Infrastructures For Research 2016: Call for Participation

EUDAT joins forces with EGI, GÉANT, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe to organise the Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016 Conference. Designed with research communities in mind, the conference, 28-30 September 2016 in Krakow, aims to foster broader adoption of digital infrastructure services and promote user-driven innovation. The Call for Participation is NOW OPEN with an invitation to all researchers, developers and service providers to submit abstracts for presentations, training sessions, workshops and demonstrations.


EUDAT -Research Data Management in 2 minutes

EUDAT is helping researchers across Europe to solve their data management issues. Alys Brett, CCFE explains “It’s not as convenient as it could be for people outside our lab to access and use our data, we would like this to become more convenient to make it of more value to the wider fusion community”. EUDAT aims to serve multiple scientific communities as Clemens Neudecker, Europeana, describes “The Social sciences and humanities are going through a mass digitisation, transforming from analogue data, enabling large scale computational analysis of this data, which brings about enormous potential and possibilities but also large data management challenges.”


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