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EUDAT -Research Data Management in 2 minutes

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EUDAT is helping researchers across Europe to solve their data management issues. Alys Brett, CCFE explains “It’s not as convenient as it could be for people outside our lab to access and use our data, we would like this to become more convenient to make it of more value to the wider fusion community”. EUDAT aims to serve multiple scientific communities as Clemens Neudecker, Europeana, describes “The Social sciences and humanities are going through a mass digitisation, transforming from analogue data, enabling large scale computational analysis of this data, which brings about enormous potential and possibilities but also large data management challenges.”
By offering its“B2” services, EUDAT aims to support research communities and research infrastructures across Europe, solving their pressing data management issues, encouraging the sharing of research data and making it easily and securely accessible for researchers who wish to use it. EUDAT recognises the importance of sharing and securing data for the future and to enable new scientific discoveries. Shaun de Witt, EUDAT Consortium describes the purpose of EUDAT very simply “EUDAT is about enabling researchers, to do more research and not worry about the computation complexities of their data management.”