In an era driven by data, EUDAT is forging the path to seamless data stewardship and sharing across boundaries and fields. With a mission to foster collaboration and data preservation, EUDAT champions a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) that unites European research communities under a common service umbrella.

At its core, EUDAT offers a diverse array of research data management services and storage solutions. This heterogeneous landscape caters to multiple scientific domains, bridging the gap between researchers and robust data handling. What truly sets EUDAT apart is its expansive network spanning 15 European nations, intricately interwoven with powerful supercomputers within the B2 Service Suite. This harmony between cutting-edge technology and collaborative effort brings the vision of shared and preserved data, in Europe and beyond, closer to reality.

The success of EUDAT's services is mirrored in the numbers, with 188 active research projects from 17 scientific domains benefiting from its offerings. B2SHARE, an exemplar of community-driven research data sharing, boasts 24 communities and an impressive 11,299 published datasets. Meanwhile, B2SAFE guards against data loss for 3,973 TB of research data across 23 projects.

EUDAT's reach extends further through B2HANDLE, connecting 31 users to streamlined Persistent Identifier (PID) management and a total of 30,093,404 PIDs registered. B2ACCESS, a federated cross-infrastructure authorisation and authentication proxy for user identification and community-defined access control enforcement, boasts a remarkable 6,700 users, and connects these users to 59 services.

B2DROP supports 14 premium users with extensive storage needs, amassing 5.1 TB of data and a total of 4,173,267 files. Meanwhile, B2FIND harmonises 90 repositories' metadata, resulting in an impressive harvest of 1,277,992 datasets, with 5,875 users.

But EUDAT's story doesn't end with numbers; it's a tale of collaboration and accessibility. Researchers can readily access these services, often embracing a freemium model, where a free tier offers a glimpse into the potential of EUDAT's capabilities.

As the European research landscape evolves, EUDAT's steadfast commitment to facilitating data sharing and preservation remains unwavering. Across 17 domains, 188 projects, and a multitude of users, EUDAT proves that data, when shared and preserved, can bridge borders and transform the future of research.


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