As several research funders are carrying out (Open) Data Pilots, projects and researchers are increasingly required to deliver a Data Management Plan or DMP. The DMP is a useful instrument for researchers to reflect on and communicate about the way they will deal with their data. It prompts them to think about how they will generate, analyse and share data during their research project and afterwards.

During this EUDAT & OpenAIRE joint webinar, Sarah Jones (DCC) and Marjan Grootveld (DANS) talked through the aspects that Horizon 2020 requires from a DMP, discussing examples from real DMPs and also touching upon the Software Management Plan, which for some projects can be a sensible addition.

For introductory information about Research Data Management you can check the recordings and slides of our previous webinar: "Research Data Management: An introductory Webinar from OpenAIRE and EUDAT"

Target audience: Researchers, data librarians, project coordinators and research officers

Given the high number of registered users, the webinar was held on July 7 and repeated on July 14, reaching over 600 participants in total. Below you can find the webinar recordings and presentations for the two days:

Eudat and OpenAIRE Joint Webinar July 7 2016  

EUDAT/OpenAIRE Webinar "How to Write a Data Management Plan", July 7

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Webinar Eudat and Open AIRE July 14  

EUDAT/OpenAIRE Webinar "How to Write a Data Management Plan", July 14

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About the speakers

Sarah Jones works at the Digital Curation Centre, a UK national service to support the higher education sector with research data management. She coordinates work on DMPonline and undertakes research on data policy and data management planning. She is also involved in the EC-funded FOSTER and EUDAT projects, fostering open science by training researchers and providing services for open access and open data.



Marjan Grootveld is senior policy consultant at Data Archiving and Networked Services or DANS for short, in The Netherlands ( DANS promotes sustained access to digital research data and encourages researchers to archive and reuse data. Marjan advises knowledge institutes and research funders on data management policy and practice. She is also one of the coaches of the training “Essentials 4 Data Support”, which DANS and two other academic service providers offer under the umbrella of “Research Data Netherlands” (