With the return of the EUDAT Conference series (the last one being held in 2018 in Porto, Portugal) we knew we had to select a location that would be reason enough to join the conference. This is why the EUDAT Conference 2022 is being held in Athens. In between the conference hours, the Greek capital will have plenty to offer to refresh the mind - a rich culture, famed history, great food, among others. To help make your conference days more interesting, we've compiled this quick guide for you to help you enjoy your time with us in Athens. 

Things to do

  • Landmarks, museums and attractions - You may want to get a closer look at the Acropolis rather than looking at it from the hotel rooftop! But don't stop there. There's museums, churches and galleries.
  • Curious places - Check out Atlas Obscura's 50+ interesting community-sourced places to visit and things to do. This could be interesting for those that have already been to Athens and have seen its famous landmarks
  • Mavili Square - 15 min. walk from the conference venue will bring you to the Mavili Square (Platia Mavili) where several bars surround the triangular plaza.
  • Athens Nightlife Guide - check out rooftop bars to admire the Acropolis from, wine bars, clubs and live music venues in the city. 


  • Greek Food in Athens Tips - Answers the what and where of Greek food in Athens!
  • Food in Athens - Browse through Taste Atlas's Athens guide and check out some of famous (and less famous) dishes, drinks and ingredients and some suggestions on where to have them.