Any researcher, research group or collaborative research organisation may use the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) services. This allows them to use services that are supplied by EUDAT and deployed at specific sites within the CDI according to the terms and conditions of the service specified by EUDAT and the service provider.


EUDAT addresses the needs of researchers, research communities & infrastructures who are producing or using very large data sets for research purposes ensuring that the data is managed and stored in a secure and professional and persistent manner. Do you need to store, replicate, share research data in a seamless way? Do you want to share your research data with other research communities? Do you need large data processing capabilities? Do you want to preserve value and identity of your community results?

With EUDAT services you can:

  1. Benefit from a simple, efficient, trustworthy, affordable collaborative and interoperable data infrastructure
  2. Connect  with Europe’s most powerful  supercomputers
  3. Be supported by a pool of experts to tackle your data challenge
  4. Trace data origin in the metadata catalogue

EUDAT main benefits

  1. Existing data is easy to integrate into the EUDAT infrastructure
  2. EUDAT services are easy & quick to install
  3. EUDAT services can be customised to match community services, and to create thin layers that map community data into the EUDAT collaborative data infrastructure

EUDAT RDM Services:

  1. B2DROP Sync and Exchange Research Data: a personal cloud solution based in the trusted EUDAT CDI domain to store and share datasets in the early state of the research data life cycle.
  2. B2SHARE Store and Share Research Data: a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy service for research communities to store and share small-scale research data coming from diverse contexts.
  3. B2FIND Find Research Data: a simple, user-friendly portal for finding research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other data repositories.
  4. B2SAFE Replicate Research Data Safely: a robust, safe and highly-available data management and replication service allowing community and departmental repositories to replicate and preserve their research data across EUDAT data nodes.
  5. B2STAGE Get Data to Computation: a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use service to ship large amounts of research data between EUDAT data nodes and workspace areas of high-performance computing systems.

All EUDAT services have a dedicated support helpdesk.

To find out more about the EUDAT services please consult the training section or read the EUDAT User Documentation.