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    Agenda Sensitive Data Session

    Sept 26, 13.30-17.30

    13:30-13:35 1. Welcome, introduction of the participants, by Daan Broeder
    2. Introduction - EUDAT and Sensitive Data, by Daan Broeder & Francesca Iozzi
         - why this session 
         - link to EUDAT sensitive data working group
    3. Overview Sensitive Data in the research communities:
    - Overview + BioMed case, by Wolfgang Kuchinke (20m);
    - Linguistics, by Daan Broeder (5m);
    - Social Sciences, by Rene van Horik (10m);
    - Biodiversity, by Arturo Arino (10m)
    - Crowdsourcing example, by Arturo Arino (10m).
    4. Sensitive Data Management in practice: general strategies, specific examples: UiO by Francesca Iozzi, CSC by Chris Ariyo) and DANS by Rene van Horik
    15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
    5. What is the challenge for general SD services, by Francesca Iozzi
    - EU and national legislation
    - What are discipline specific requirements beyond legislation: tradition, ethics?
    6. Current status and possibilities of EUDAT wrt. sensitive data, by Willem Elbers
    7 Discussion:
    - What should be 'general’ EUDAT sensitive data services e.g.
    - What is a feasible and sustainable separation of responsibilities between EUDAT and communities wrt sensitive data


    Agenda Sensitive Data Working Group

    Sept 27, 09.00-12.30

    09:00-09:05 1. Welcome introduction of the participants
    2. Introduction of the Sensitive Data Working Group, by Wolfgang Kuchinke and Daan Broeder
         - Working groups within EUDAT, what to achieve
         - Mission statement for this working group
    3. Scope for the working group
         - Overview of types of sensitive data in EUDAT communities (and beyond)
         - Requirements for sensitive data management 
         - Strategies to address Sensitive Data
        Overview and BioMed use case, by Wolfgang Kuchinke (20m);
          Social Sciences, by Hossein Abroshan 10m);
          Biodiversity, by Arturo Arino (10m);
          Linguistics, by Daan Broeder (10m);
         - Discussion what should/can be the scope of EUDAT wrt sensitive data?
    4. Sensitive Data Requirements and Solutions
         - Overview, by Wolfgang Kuchinke (20m) 
         - ePouta from CSC, by Chris Ariyo (15m)
         - TSD from UiO, by Francesca Iozzi (15m)
    5. General services for sensitive data management (15m)
         - current services within EUDAT (Willem Elbers)
         - Discussion: possible additional services and strategies for EUDAT
    11:35-12:30 6. A work plan for the Sensitive Data Working Group, by Daan Broeder, Wolfang Kuchinke and all