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Research Data Alliance

   Abstract    It is now widely agreed that we need international action and interaction to improve data access and interoperability. Under the preliminary labels DAITF (Data Access and Interoperability Task Force), DWF (Data Web Forum), and now RDA (Research Data Alliance), ideas for working groups have been proposed to start addressing various concrete issues necessary for developing global data infrastructures. Work has also begun on developing an appropriate global governance structure, and a formal launch is expected in March 2013. This session will give much room for discussing the ideas and plans so far.
Peter Wittenburg Francine Berman    



EUDAT User Forum
   Abstract    This User Forum (UF) session will focus on the following topics: (1) what can EUDAT contribute to the European research communities, (2) what can the research communities contribute to EUDAT, and (3) the process used by EUDAT to approach new research communities and involve them in the EUDAT project. We will briefly discuss the experiences and results achieved initially with the five core research communities. A number of new communities (that have already been interviewed by EUDAT) will also present their experiences and expectations, and we would like to foster a discussion on ways to improve the process whereby EUDAT engages with new communities.
Damien Lecarpentier      



Sustainability and Funding models
   Abstract    EUDAT aims to build a collaborative data infrastructure, and it aims to do it collaboratively.  The future of the CDI is something that all EUDAT stakeholders can help shape.  This session will present our current thinking on the long-term future of the EUDAT CDI (as documented in the first EUDAT Sustainability Plan) and invite comment, discussion and debate.  We want to be as interactive as possible, with key points and ideas captured by a rapporteur and reviewed at the end of the session.
Alison Kennedy & Rob Baxter Christopher Jung Matthew Dovey  


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