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May 2015: EUDAT Call for Data Pilots is OPEN, Common policies and services for ALL Data centres, Going Global with Globus, Tweet, tweet, tweet

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May 2015: We have just launched our Call for Data Pilots. If you are part of a pan-European or multi-national research community or research infrastructure, you cannot miss this opportunity! Find out from Erwin Laure, the Director of the PDC Center for High Performance Computing at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, why all data centres should join EUDAT. On a global (B2)STAGE, EUDAT showcased at Globus World, IRODS-GridFTP DSI activities. Catch up on May highlights on what Twitter says about EUDAT.

The EUDAT Call for Data Pilots is OPEN

EUDAT invites pan-European or multi-national research communities and research infrastructures to test, integrate and/or further develop, in close collaboration with the EUDAT consortium, one or multiple components of the EUDAT service suite through concrete data collaboration pilots. EUDAT offers data management solutions, storage resources, and consortium expertise to: support multi-national research communities and research infrastructures to  identify solutions to their data challenges in close collaboration with EUDAT work with and support global research data standardization of initiatives such as RDA, and further develop...


Common policies and services: a pan-European data infrastructure for all

Joining EUDAT means that data centres can offer valuable insights and services to their users. This includes ensuring that users can easily share their data with their peers in other countries and in return gain easy access to data provided elsewhere. The common policies and services provided by EUDAT are a perfect tool to ensure that a data centre’s infrastructure is compatible with other research data infrastructures. EUDAT and its partners prototype new services that are potentially of interest to national users, who profit from the experiences gained in other countries in evolving national infrastructures. EUDAT provides data...



B2STAGE goes Global at Globus World

EUDAT is collaborating with a global consortium led by iRODS and including the US National Data Service to develop a DSI (Data Storage Interface) that is compatible with iRODS 4.0. In a lightening talk at the Globus World event held in Chicago in April 2015, the upcoming collaborative activities behind the iRODS-GridFTP DSI and the ways the participants are encouraging further collaboration between iRODS, Globus, and other data-centric communities was presented with EUDAT in centre stage as an adopter & further developer of the solution. The integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is highly...


What Twitter says about EUDAT? – May 2015

A core part of EUDAT is supporting community oriented uptake plans and ELIXIR gives us insight to theirs … Another close community collaboration with the ESFRI Environmental Sciences cluster kicked off in May and EUDAT will be providing data management services The new phase of EUDAT, started 1 May, was a hot twitter topic this month … Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration … a win win for all CERN, an EUDAT partner, hits the headlines for its collaboration with NSF