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B2SHARE adopted by Instruct Structural Biology infrastructure & part of the new EC guidelines on data management, upcoming events and much more

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Great news for EUDAT data management services! B2SHARE is included in the new guidelines on Data Management from the European Commission. Instruct, the ESFRI research infrastructure for structural biology, has successfully started using B2SHARE. September and October 2016 are two key months for EUDAT in terms of EUDAT workshops and training events, an at a glance agenda will tell you where you can meet us. Don't forget to take a look at the new released How to use & deploy the EUDAT services training material!

The EUDAT September/October agenda

Autumn is coming and EUDAT invites you to watch the leaves turn red, copper and brown with them in Manchester at the workshop entitled Using EUDAT as your data management tool (16 September), Bratislava at the ICT Proposers'Day 2016 (26-27 September), Krakow for a series of meetings & workshops in conjunction with the Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016 (26-30 September) and then heading to the Southern hemisphere - Cape Town to engage with the Research Infrastructures at ICRI2016 (3-5 October 2016)


Instruct, the ESFRI infrastructure for Structural Biology, successfully adopts EUDAT services

Instruct is the ESFRI infrastructure for Structural Biology, which researches the molecular basis of life. Over the past months, Instruct developers worked with EUDAT to enable the usage of the B2SHARE and B2ACCESS services with the Instruct user ID. The user feedbacks are excellent: Instruct developer Callum Smith said “ EUDAT is producing an invaluable set of tools that will help simplify and support the data analysis and processing of all users of ARIA and its diverse biomedical scientific community. We were eager to ensure that our users would be able to best utilise EUDAT tools and have worked closely between ARIA and...


The European Commission releases new Guidelines on Data Management... and B2SHARE is part of it!

The new Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 , released by the  European Commission  in July 2016, include several key changes, both related to the Open Research Data Pilot and to Data Management Plans (DMPs). I n order for researchers and the general public to have wider access to scientific knowledge, Horizon 2020 already mandates open access. However, the Open Research Data Pilot will soon cover all the thematic areas of Horizon 2020, making Open Research Data the default as mentioned in the document ‘ European Cloud Initiative – Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe...


Workshop "Using EUDAT as your data management tool", 16 September 2016, Manchester (UK)

On 15-16 September 2016, the First Conference of Research Software Engineers will take place in Manchester, UK. The 2-day event will focus on the issues that affect people who write and use software in research. As part of the event, on 16th September, Shaun Witt (CCFE) will give a useful and practical workshop called " Using EUDAT as your data management tool ": t his workshop will introduce data management techniques and the data lifecycle, and show how the EUDAT software suite can be used to manage science data throughout the data lifecycle.  The concept of ‘open data’ is becoming increasingly important...


New online-training will let you test EUDAT services

If you are interested in having hands-on experience with EUDAT, then check out the newly released  EUDAT online-training section .  The online training material, updated and extended in due time when new features of services are developed, will help communities to evaluate how to  use  and  deploy  the  EUDAT services  within a test environment.  This new section provides step-by-step instructions on how to use EUDAT services (B2SHARE, B2SAFE, B2STAGE and B2FIND) and how to deploy them (B2SAFE, B2STAGE and B2FIND), offering a training instance simulating the EUDAT network and providing...