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Watch the new B2FIND video to learn what this EUDAT discovery service is all about!

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If you wish you had a discovery tool to browse research data collections from EUDAT data centres and many other repositories around Europe, now it's your chance to do so: check out the EUDAT B2FIND Service, a free tool for research communities to find the data they need.

B2FIND Service

With data growing faster than ever before, researchers need to quickly find useful resources which they can use for their research purposes. Currently, most researchers have only access to data repositories specialised in their specific fields, perhaps provided by their own organisation. But how can they meet cross-disciplinary data needs? That’s where B2FIND, a cross-disciplinary metadata catalogue service, comes into play!

B2FIND helps you:
  • Find collections of scientific data quickly and easily
  • Build new collections of data to address specific research questions
  • Carry out facetted, geospatial and temporal searches
  • Share comments on the data and metadata with other users.
How is this service structured? B2FIND is based on a comprehensive joint catalogue of EUDAT services and external metadata. Metadata is mapped onto standardized facets, allowing users to search and browse datasets via keyword searches. Results are displayed in user-friendly format and listed in order of relevance.
Take action: using it is fast and simple!
Go to and insert the keywords you are interested in. Browse through the entries and filter them by geographical areas, disciplines, time of publication and much more! Made by researchers for researchers, B2FIND is designed around your needs. (For more information on the service, visit
Short on time? Watch the new B2FIND video to discover this service!