On the 16th of April 2018, the 4th EUDAT CDI Council Meeting took place in Malaga, in conjunction with the first EOSC-hub week. The Council is the ultimate decision-making body of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) and is composed by one representative per service providers participating in the Collaboration Agreement. One of the discussion point of the meeting was the formal appointment of EUDAT Ltd. as hosting party of the Collaboration and representative of the CDI network at European level. All the members of the Council unanimously supported the appointment.

The EUDAT Ltd. company, formally established and registered as a limited liability company under Finnish law in February 2018, is responsible for:

  • assisting the EUDAT CDI Council with the following Secretariat functions: Management, Administration, Operational & Technical coordination, User engagement & Outreach;
  • collecting and managing CDI membership fees;
  • becoming the legal voice of the CDI and represent the CDI at European level;
  • carrying out contracts with external customers and individual CDI members for the coordinated provision of services;
  • offering a single contact point to customers & providers;
  • consolidating legal basis of EUDAT CDI and increasing confidence over sustainability.

The company operates on a non-profit making basis as the voice of European organisations working together as part of the EUDAT CDI in order to provide services related to scientific and research data storage and lifecycle management.

The picture belows shows the current members of EUDAT Ltd.