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    The last six months of the EInfraCentral project (European e-Infrastructure Services Gateway) were spent on further developing a common Service Catalogue for Open Science Cloud services, with strong input from EUDATEGIGEANTPRACEOpenAIRE and e-IRG

    Working together with these five flagship European e-infrastructures, the project team prepared and submitted to the European Commission a deliverable which presents an aligned and harmonised framework towards a common service catalogue scheme for e-Infrastructures in Europe.
    The deliverable builds upon actual services currently provided by the eInfraCentral’s e-Infrastructure partners as well as taking into account examples of global marketplaces and their respective services. The key goal for such a framework is to reach a high degree of homogeneity that can be practically applied across all e-Infrastructures. In this respect, the deliverable assesses the most widely accepted IT service management standards and derives the optimal set of descriptors.

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