In late 2015, the University of Porto applied to the EUDAT Call for Data Pilots and, as one of the 22 pilots selected, began a fruitful collaboration that lead it to join EUDAT as an Associate Partner in January 2017. 

DataPublication@U-Porto or EUDAT as a long-term data repository for the University of Porto gathers experiments where Dendro, a prototype research data management (RDM) platform, is used as a gateway to EUDAT services. 
The main beneficiaries of this pilot are the research community of the University of Porto, which is the second-largest Portuguese university, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines. It includes large schools of engineering, humanities, science, medicine, architecture, psychology and education sciences, and a business school, among others. The pilot aims to continue and expand its existing work with a panel of 11 groups in multiple research domains.
Data Publication U-Porto EUDAT Data Pilot Cristina Ribeiro
Sensitive to research data management challenges, the University of Porto, is one of the Portuguese drivers behind the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Iberia initiative that had its first meeting on 4th April 2017 in conjunction with the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting, Barcelona, Spain also coordinated for Portugal by Cristina Ribeiro, INESC TEC, University of Porto, the EUDAT pilot Principal Investigator.
The Associate Partnership brings the University and EUDAT even closer, strengthening the collaboration and paving the way for a long-term research data management relationship.


What is an EUDAT Associate Partner & How can you become one?

Associate Partnership gives the opportunity for new partners to actively join the EUDAT initiative. Based on a concrete joint work plan, with dedicated resources from both parties, Associate Partners participate in specific joint activities using EUDAT CDI data services, providing input for their improvement/extension and, in many cases, participating in the development of new services. 
By joining EUDAT2020 as an Associate Partner you can collaborate closely with the EUDAT consortium, yielding the following significant benefits for your organisation: 
  • you will be granted access to all the information that is open to the EUDAT2020 consortium and to the project wiki;
  • by influencing the progress of the CDI, sharing your domain-specific needs and typical data workflow, the development and deployment of new services will be steered to meet your needs
  • you will obtain first-hand knowledge, expertise and support on leading edge technologies and best-practices which will allow you to improve considerably your data management and data workflow;
  • you will be involved in the development of the CDI needed supporting policies and governance aspects.

Associate Partners contribute in defining the most suitable organisational and business models required to ensure the sustainability of the CDI also beyond the EUDAT2020 project boundaries, taking into consideration all relevant factors, including domain-specific requirements and national regulations; thus Associate Partners will be natural candidates for establishing a longer-term agreement and collaboration, towards integration of the CDI in the future European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). 

To get more details on EUDAT and the Associate Partnership Programme contact the EUDAT coordinator, Damien