EUDAT Services
Covering both access and deposit, from informal data sharing to long-term archiving, and addressing identification, discoverability and computability of both long-tail and big data, EUDAT services aim to address the full lifecycle of research data.
Service development in EUDAT is a continuous and constant activity, many times behind the scenes and unnoticed. A series of new releases, production, integration and implementation activities are highlighted below.
  • B2SHARE released its first stable version, based on Invenio v3, with new UI, CLI, JSON datamodel and REST API. Pull docker image here to test it out locally;
  • B2HANDLE released a new Python 3 compatible version of its Python library;
  • B2DROP & B2SHARE released their first version of b2sharebridge to publish data from B2DROP to B2SHARE. Feedback is welcome, please contact Thijs Cobben (thijs.cobben[at]
  • ORCID has been integrated as a new ID provider for B2ACCESS
  • B2DROP migrated from ownCloud to NextCloud.
Integration developments: 
  • B2ACCESS is working on the IdP integration between PRACE and EGI with EUDAT;
  • B2ACCESS is developing an integration with RCauth as certificate authority;
  • B2NOTE is collaborating with B2SHARE and B2FIND to be integrated in their services. B2NOTE is seeking pilot users, please check out the pilot service here and through the B2SHARE training service.
Tests and pilots:
  • The Elixir community is testing B2ACCESS with ELIXIR enabled as an ID provider.
  • The EPOS (European Plate Observing System) community is evaluating the B2ACCESS ID provider service, and is piloting the B2SAFE-Data Policy Manager.
  • If you are interested in piloting the B2SAFE-Data Policy Manager please contact Claudio Cacciari (, coordinator of the B2SAFE developments.
The current suite of EUDAT data management services includes:
  • A secure and trusted data exchange service (B2DROP) for researchers and scientists to keep their research data synchronized and up-to-date and to exchange with other researchers.  
  • A web based service for researchers and communities to store and publish (B2SHARE) small-scale research data coming from diverse contexts. 
  • A data management and replication (B2SAFE) service allowing community and departmental repositories to replicate and preserve their research data across EUDAT data nodes. 
  • A service to ship large amounts of research data (B2STAGE) between EUDAT data nodes and workspace areas of high-performance computing systems. 
  • A metadata catalogue (B2FIND) of research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other repositories allowing to find collections of scientific data quickly and easily, irrespective of their origin, discipline or community 
  • A single sign-on authorisation and authentication solution (B2ACCESS) for end-users to access EUDAT CDI
  • A service to assign PIDs (B2HANDLE) to different kinds of managed objects stored in the EUDAT CDI 
  • A service that allows you to easily and intuitively create annotations (B2NOTE) on research data hosted in the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure
EUDAT is currently organised as a network of centres independent from each other but working within a common framework to develop and operate services on a pan-European level. B2DROP, B2SHARE, and B2FIND are offered free of charge at the point of use to anybody and are available through the web, while B2SAFE and B2STAGE typically require agreements between the user and the service provider. Such agreements can build upon existing relationships between some research communities and data centres, in particular when long standing agreements have been made with national funders to support a specific community through a national centre or a designated service provider. Individual agreements can also be concluded between a research community and individual EUDAT centres offering SLA-based services as part of the EUDAT collaborative framework.