EUDAT has announced a significant update to its B2DROP service, making collaborative editing features, previously exclusive to premium users, now available to all users at no cost. This strategic move greatly expands the capabilities of free B2DROP accounts, offering researchers a robust platform for data synchronisation and sharing. The upgrade represents a major step towards enhancing collaborative research efforts, allowing scientists and researchers to work together on documents seamlessly and in real-time.

Sander Apweiler, Operations Coordinator of EUDAT CDI, commented on the update, "With this new feature, all B2DROP users can now engage in collaborative document editing. This enhancement breaks down barriers, making teamwork more accessible and productive, and significantly broadens the scope of possibilities for our users."

B2DROP is a secure, user-friendly storage environment for synchronising and sharing data across desktops. The basic service offers a 20GB quota, web access, and file sharing capabilities, including publishing datasets to B2SHARE and integrating with the CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard. For more demanding needs, B2DROP's premium service provides higher quotas and additional features like group management and Collabora integration​​​​.

Researchers interested in joining B2DROP can do so for free, however there is a validation process to ensure resources are not wasted. 

Researchers: Request your free account now!