The CDI members are at the core of the EUDAT network. CDI members are research organisations, data and computing centres spread over 15 European countries providing EUDAT users with services and resources. In January 2019 three new members from France, Germany and Portugal joined the EUDAT CDI.
Let’s meet them now:

CERFACS is a basic and applied research centre, specialised in modelling and numerical simulation. Through its facilities and expertise in High Performance Computing, CERFACS deals with major scientific and technical research problems of public and industrial interest. CERFACS is involved in major national and international projects and is strongly interacting with its seven shareholders: Airbus Group, Cnes, EDF, Météo France, Onera, Safran and Total. It is also associated  with partners like CNRS (Associated Research Unit), Irit (common laboratory), CEA and Inria (cooperation agreements).

For CERFACS, being part of the EUDAT CDI is a commitment that shows our trust in how the EUDAT Services are important for European climate researchers. It also means that we will work together with other scientific domains to sustain those services in the EOSC context. We are also very excited to learn more deeply about the EUDAT Services technologies by being a thematic service provider. Being also responsible for the GEF workflow service development is a fantastic opportunity to shape it according to European Scientific researchers needs.” says Christian Pagé, Research Engineer at CERFACS.

FCCN, Portugal
FCT, the Foundation for Science and Technology, through its National Scientific Computing Unit (FCCN) manages national horizontal digital research infrastructures, namely RCTS – the Science, Technology, and Society Network, covering all areas of knowledge and the entire Portuguese territory. Its services are provided by means of high-performance network, computing and data services for education and research institutions, thus ensuring communication requirements and advanced digital services for the various user communities from these entities.

We are looking forward to join the EUDAT CDI. It will allow us to start piloting a generic research data repository, for the outputs of any research activity funded by us, the main Portuguese funder. As a funder we must provide such service if we want to maximize data deposit and re-usage. The EUDAT CDI presents several advantages as it builds on services already developed, aligned with good practices, enabling us to cover significant part of the cost with our own local hardware, located in our own datacentres.” remarks João Nuno Ferreira, FCCN General Coordinator.

GWDG, Germany
As the university computing centre for the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, and as a computing and IT competence centre for the Max Planck Society, GWDG offers a wide range of information and communication services for science. Through its own research in the field of computer science and participation in numerous research projects, GWDG also creates the basis for innovative, customer-oriented IT solutions.

EUDAT-CDI is an excellent platform for GWDG to share its different data services with the other partners and with the European research community in a generic and standardised way. The strength of GWDG in the fields of B2HANDLE, data type registration and B2DROP already fits nicely into the EUDAT offers. GWDG is looking forward to integrating other EUDAT services in its own service portfolio.” says Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann, IT Specialist at GWDG, Göttingen.