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    The EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance projects started in January 2018 and their role is fundamental to realizing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

    Together, the two projects will provide almost 2 million researchers with a set of services and resources to be able to exploit the potential of data and multidisciplinary research. The overall aim is to give Europe a global lead in scientific data infrastructures and to ensure that scientists reap the full benefits of open data-driven science.
    By mobilising the major European digital and thematic research infrastructures (such as EUDAT CDI, EGI and INDIGO-DataCloud) - including more than 300 data centres and 18 pan-European infrastructures- , the EOSC-hub project will allow researchers to access a variety of interoperable data, computing and networking resources enabling scientific excellence in Europe.
    On the other hand, OpenAIRE-Advance (also funded by the European Commission -DG CNECT), will contribute to building and consolidating a socio-technical network and infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication.
    The collaboration between these two key projects will potentially deliver a common catalogue of e-infrastructure services covering the entire life cycle of research, from data generation to accessibility, use and reuse of scientific information.
    Learn more about the EOSC-hub Project: www.eosc-hub.eu
    Learn more about the OpenAIRE-Advance Project: www.openaire.eu/advance