Data management is a critical aspect of modern research and collaboration. For community and data managers, it's essential to have access to reliable and feature-rich services that meet their specific needs.

The EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (EUDAT) already provides several free and low-entry-barrier services for individual researchers, citizen scientists, and policy makers which you can learn more about in our blog “Free EUDAT services to make your data FAIR - findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable”. However, we understand the diversity in practices, scale and needs of research groups, communities, and academic and research institutions means you, as a research community, will need a set of fit-for-purpose research data management tools.

That’s where EUDAT’s premium services can help! The services which are modular by design means you can mix and match the EUDAT service suite you need depending on the functionalities your community requires such as advanced features and capabilities to ensure efficient data management, storage, and sharing.

Check out some of our services below which cover the complete research data lifecycle. 

Research data storage and sync-and-share

Once you register for an EUDAT account, you can access the B2DROP Premium service, which caters to a wide range of users, including researchers and data managers. If you are a researcher, B2DROP Premium offers an expanded set of features, such as increased storage capacity ranging from 100GB to 2000GB, significantly higher storage quotas, the ability to tailor the service to meet specific requirements, integration with Nextcloud applications like OnlyOffice and CLARIN Language Resource Switchboard, advanced group management for enhanced collaboration, and elevated data security and access control.

If you are a data manager, tasked with the responsibility of handling and organising extensive datasets, you can enjoy several advantages. This includes substantial storage capacity, ranging from 1TB to 10TB, generous per-user quotas of 100GB to 500GB to facilitate efficient data management, options for customisation to meet the unique needs of your communities, access to all the features of the basic service with enhanced quotas, and the opportunity to request consultancy for establishing a local B2DROP instance or utilising a hosted instance through EUDAT partners, should the public fair-share service fail to meet your specific requirements.

Step 2. Sharing research data in a reliable and trustworthy way 

The second step after you stored your data is to share them in a trustworthy and reliable way. Here is where B2SHARE comes into play. If you are a researcher or a data manager, B2SHARE Premium Services represent an exceptional solution. Envision a scenario in which your research data, irrespective of their format, are not only meticulously preserved but also readily accessible over the long term.

With B2SHARE Premium, you gain the capacity to upload substantial datasets, surpassing 20GB, while also having the ability to tailor metadata extensions to meet your specific requirements. The platform's remarkable flexibility empowers you to establish dedicated and custom-branded instances for your community or organisation. This facilitates precise adjustments to metadata schemas, community domains, and access privileges, rendering it uniquely tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, for those grappling with extensive datasets, EUDAT stands as a reliable partner, specialising in supporting research with substantial ICT infrastructure, ensuring seamless access to datasets exceeding 50TB. B2SHARE Premium Services firmly place you in control, simplifying data management and sharing. It represents a pivotal development, ushering in a new era of flawless scientific collaboration and discovery.

Step 3. Finding research data

In the third phase of the research process, the effort to source and incorporate additional data to enhance one's work presents a challenging task. This undertaking, if pursued without access to the appropriate tools, can become excessively time-consuming.

This is where the value of B2FIND's premium services becomes apparent. Beyond functioning as a mere tool, B2FIND serves as a gateway to a domain brimming with interdisciplinary research resources. Meticulously tailored to cater to individual requirements, it equips users with the proactive capability to navigate a vast expanse of information, freeing them from the constraints of inflexible search parameters.

Whether one favours the user-friendly accessibility of the web portal or seeks deeper insights offered through the API interface, B2FIND provides options to accommodate diverse preferences and levels of expertise. What truly sets B2FIND apart is its unwavering commitment to the FAIR data principles, guaranteeing not only the discoverability but also the accessibility and reusability of data. Users are transformed from passive consumers into explorers, mapping out new territories in the ever-evolving landscape of research.

B2FIND assumes the role of a guiding compass, leading users towards uncharted discoveries awaiting exploration. It extends a warm invitation to delve into the depths, explore, and unearth the knowledge that calls one's name. Furthermore, B2FIND proves to be a valuable asset for data providers. It offers them a means to enhance the visibility of their research data collections stored within repositories. By utilising the public B2FIND service, data repository owners can make their data retrievable and discoverable, with the process further simplified through the provision of specialised guidelines designed to aid data providers in this undertaking.

Step 4. Keeping your data safe

From a user's standpoint, B2SAFE Premium Services represent a trustworthy solution for the adept replication of research data allowing for its retrieval later. This service offers a reliable mechanism for community and departmental repositories to effectively enforce data management policies, thereby ensuring the utmost security and accessibility of our data across disparate domains.

The capability to employ persistent identifiers (PIDs), engage in cross-site replication, and maintain the integrity of our data is undeniably advantageous. B2SAFE streamlines data management across a myriad of storage types, making our data readily available for resource-intensive analyses, regardless of geographical constraints. Whether our focus is on archival or actively used data, B2SAFE's exceptional adaptability is an invaluable asset. It can seamlessly handle vast data volumes, establish a unified namespace across a wide spectrum of storage systems, and seamlessly integrate with diverse storage technologies. Accessing data is a seamless process through the utilisation of GridFTP, WebDAV, and iRODS commands. The knowledge that this service is underpinned by a network of EUDAT service providers instils the highest level of confidence.

In an era where registered data objects with PIDs are becoming standard practice, B2SAFE's unwavering commitment to trust, integrity, and robust policy governance is of immeasurable significance for forward-thinking users like ourselves.

To conclude

In today's dynamic research landscape, EUDAT's Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) premium services offer a beacon of excellence, catering to the specific needs of researchers and data managers. These services encompass storage, secure sharing, efficient retrieval, and robust data security.

They empower users to manage their data seamlessly, with researchers benefiting from expanded storage and enhanced collaboration tools, and data managers having customizable solutions at their disposal. In a world where research data's accessibility, preservation, and dissemination are paramount, EUDAT's premium services usher in an era of transformative scientific collaboration.

Embracing these services ensures that data management becomes a catalyst for innovation within the global research community.