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A new feature for B2SAFE: the Data Policy Manager (DPM) tool

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B2SAFE is a robust, safe and highly available service which allows community and departmental repositories to implement data management policies on their research data across multiple administrative domains in a trustworthy manner. 
It is a solution to:
  • Provide an abstraction layer which virtualizes large-scale data resources
  • Guard against data loss in long-term archiving and preservation
  • Optimize access for users from different regions
  • Bring data closer to powerful computers for compute-intensive analysis

Recently B2SAFE has been enhanced with the integration of the Data Policy Manager tool

...But what is the DPM? The Data Policy Manager (DPM) is a tool that provides data policy management functionality. It can be used by data managers to define data policies, store them and share them with the data service providers, who will enforce them; service integrators to integrate a third-party service with the DPM relying on the XML DB API; B2SAFE service administrators to have a view on the policies defined by a community data manager -They can download and enforce them and provide feddback to the data managers
Architecture of the Data Policy Manager
Architecture of B2FIND


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