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VERCEAn e-Science Environment for the Virtual EarthQuake and Seismology Research CommunityAlberto Michelini
GEO SEASA Pan-European Infrastructure for Management of Marine and Ocean Geological and Geophysical Data Helen Glaves
ESPASA Near Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-ScienceNatalia Manola
VPH-SHAREVirtual Physiological Human:  Sharing for Health Care -  A Research EnvironmentPeter Coveney
N4UThe European Science Gateway to NeuroimagingDavid Manset
DRIHMA Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology StudyHan van Veldhuizen
ODIPOcean Data Interoperability PlatformHelen Glaves
eduGAINInterconnecting Federations to Link Services and Users WorldwideMikael Linden
OPENAIRE+Linking Data to PublicationsNatalia Manola
SIM4RDMEnabling Researchers to Effectively Utilise the Emerging Data InfrastructuresMatthew Dowey
KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGEActions to Take on Sharing and Re-using Research Data - The Knowledge Exchange PerspectiveStefan Winkler-Nees
ODEDrivers and Barriers in Data Sharing Hans Pfeiffenberger
e-FISCALCost Assessment of Computing Infrastructures: Challenges, Approaches and Case Studies  Matti Heikkurinen  
e-IRGA Blue Paper on Data ManagementNorbert Meyer


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