Federated AAI Workshop
Let's meet at: 09:00 - 13:00, Room: Bragança | 25 Jan 2018
Session Chair: Licia Florio, Christos Kanellopoulos, GÉANT
You can't miss it if you want to know more about the AARC authentication and authorisation solutions

Workshop information:

Over the last years there have been significant developments in the way authentication and authorisation is handled by large research collaborations.

Everybody recognises the importance of a secure and reliable infrastructure to manage users and groups they belong to, to reduce the number of credentials users need and consequently the services they can access to.

As emerged during the last years through our continuous engagement with various research communities, researchers welcome the possibility to log in once and access as many resources and services as needed regardless of the research or e-infrastructures that offers them.

Driven by the research and infrastructure needs of global collaboration, the AARC project has developed best practices and architectural models for enabling secure, scalable and interoperable authentication and authorisation solutions. These allow infrastructures to build their own AAIs without reinventing the wheel.

In this sessions we will present the original use-cases and we will use this opportunity to review them with the audience. We will present the AARC blueprint architecture and the "proxy" concept, and also show how it's being applied in production environments. We will report also on the security aspects of the proposed architecture and on how they are being addressed. We will touch upon some of the operational and sustainability aspects and discuss how they are being addressed. We would like to ask participants to provide real time inputs by means of online tools and/or round tables during the session.


  • Main research communities requirements for AAIs
  • AARC approach: a blueprint AAI for researchers
  • Interactive session: are there requirements we are not aware?


  • How to deploy the AARC blueprint: examples of real deployments and AARC pilots
  • The devil is in the details: policy frameworks to securely deploy the AARC blueprint
  • Interactive session: how will AARC result can apply to EOSC?