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EUDAT "Real use of Array Databases for Research Communities" WG Workshop, 17 May 2017, Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wednesday, 17 May, 2017
EUDAT will host the second ArrayDB WG workshop on 17 May 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The workshop aims at promoting a broad and fair discussion about real use of Array Databases for research communities. Multidimensional arrays are common data structures widely used in many scientific disciplines. Scientists increasingly require to manage and process large volumes of such multidimensional datasets.
The workshop will:
  • Try to understand the view of the scientific communities regarding ArrayDB -  can they be a solution for multidimensional big data?  
  • Discuss benefits and limitations of these technologies and assess how they can support science and help addressing today’s challenges.
  • Target technology experts, representatives of research communities and practitioners.  
Who should attend?
Experts are invited to present their view and update the communities about the latest developments in the area of array databases. Communities dealing with multidimensional datasets are invited to expose their requirements, use cases and related challenges. Practitioners are invited to share their experience and lessons learned adopting ArrayDB in their community. The workshop can welcome up to 20 attendees.
A detailed agenda will be available on this page in the coming weeks.