This year's theme of the 11th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) was 'Visible data, invisible infrastructure', a perfect place for EUDAT to showcase how EUDAT supports the curation of research data, including the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets.

The EUDAT workshop took place on the 22nd of February 2016.


EUDAT workshop overview:

The aim of the workshop was to present and discuss the EUDAT collaborative data infrastructure, with an emphasis on curation aspects. This means to what extent EUDAT provides services and support for curation, such as selection, preservation, maintenance, collection, and archiving digital research assets. The program was composed of 6 parts.

1. Introduction, René van Horik, DANS – The aim of the workshop and an outline of the program is presented.

2. The EUDAT project and services, René van Horik, DANS - Presentation of the EUDAT B2service suite.

3. Use case: How is EUDAT used in practice, Luca Trani, KNMI – EUDAT works together with a wide range of research infrastructures (including CLARIN, , ENES, EPOS, ELIXIR, ICOS, LTER Europe, VPH). Several data pilots are underway in which EUDAT provides data services for a designated community. As an example, the research data issues of one of the data pilots (related to a research infrastructure) has been presented with an emphasis on curation aspects. More specifically: how does the RI curate data and what is the role of the EUDAT CDI in this process?

4. Positioning the services, Marjan Grootveld, DANS

5. Data Management Planning, Sarah Jones, DCC – A (research) data management plan (DMP) is a formal document that outlines how to handle data both during research, and after the research is completed. Research funders increasingly require DMPs from projects they fund. This part of the workshop elaborated on the available structures and tools to create data management plans for research data and how they form part of the wider EUDAT service suite.

6. Discussion: How could you use the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure? – The central topic of the discussion was to what extent the EUDAT CDI facilitates the curation of research data.