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41st Workshop of the International School of Geophysics

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Erice, Sicily, Italy
Monday, 26 August, 2013 to Wednesday, 28 August, 2013

Our EPOS colleagues have organized an international workshop focusing on the ways that research infrastructures need to develop to meet future challenges. (For further details about the workshop, see

For the earth sciences, defining the cornerstones for a global infrastructure is vitally important since, most of the time, EPOS researchers need to integrate data from a multitude of sensors located all over the world, and then use the data for smart real-time analytics to produce better predictions of, for example, volcanic activity or tectonic shifts. Therefore this workshop is of interest to EUDAT and other research infrastructures working on cross-disciplinary data challenges.


Provisional Timetable
1000 Intro & Welcome 
1015 EPOS's experiences in EUDAT 
1115 Coffee
1130 Open discussion based on directions that EPOS would like to go in terms of data infrastructure.
1215 EUDAT Framework, Vision & Architecture
1245 Lunch
1345 EUDAT Data Replication, Data Staging and PIDs
1500 EUDAT Services: Metadata Catalogue, SimpleStore 
1615 EUDAT Panel
1700 Close