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EUDAT @ EGI Conference 2015, 18-22 May 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

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Monday, 18 May, 2015 to Friday, 22 May, 2015
EUDAT will contribute to the EGI Conference 2015 in Lisbon, where the first pilot project of their collaboration programme will be initiated, together with the EISCAT-3D community. EISCAT-3D is a project handling three-dimensional imaging radar to make continuous measurements of the geo-space environment and its coupling to the Earth's atmosphere from its location in the auroral zone at the southern edge of the northern polar vortex. Together with this project common use cases will be developed to promote interoperability between the two e-infrastructures and improve communities' experience with data and computational services. Science has become increasingly based on open collaboration between researchers across the world, and there has been an increasing use of high-capacity resources to model complex systems and to process experimental results. This leads to an increasing demand on the capabilities of the relevant infrastructures. The collaboration between EUDAT and EGI aims at pairing data and processing resources together so to enable researchers to perform complex modeling and process data in a more efficient manner, as well as enabling the opening of community-specific data repositories to a larger audience, including researchers (from both academia and industry), citizen scientists, policy makers as well as members of the public.
The EUDAT project is providing a collaborative data infrastructure for European research communities. EUDAT aims at helping researchers to address the full data life-cycle by storing, sharing, replicating, securing, reusing, processing and searching data for scientific data management. Conversely, EGI aims at accelerating the implementation of the Open Science Commons by expanding the capabilities of the European backbone of federated services in the field of high-throughput computing complementing community-specific capabilities. Furthermore, in order to broaden cross infrastructure utilization support, EUDAT is starting collaborations with other EU service providers such as PRACE, and worldwide counterparts like the Nation Data Services network.
The "EUDAT: Research Data made simple" Poster will also be presented during the Conference dedicated session. The poster will highlight the suite of research data services and solutions offered by EUDAT through a geographically distributed, resilient network connecting general purpose data centres & community-specific data repositories, services that are designed, built & implemented based on user community requirements.