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Design your e-Infrastructure workshop, 27 September 2016, Krakow, Poland

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Krakow, Poland
Tuesday, 27 September, 2016

This interactive workshop looked into the design and development of e-infrastructures for emerging scientific communities and their use cases.

The event brought together over 60 participants belonging to scientific communities, projects, Research Infrastructures and providers of European e-infrastructure services (EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT and OpenAIRE).

The workshop participants analysed the use cases that the participating scientific communities brought to the event, then - in a collaborative way - designed and defined suitable e-infrastructure setups and roadmaps to implement them using and customising solutions from the participating e-infrastructures.  

Workshop Agenda

What will we get out of the workshop?

  • Design and implementation plans for community-specific e-infrastructure use cases
  • Answers to participants' questions concerning e-infrastructures 
  • Better understanding of the participating scientific use cases
  • Social network formed between use cases and e-infrastructure service providers
  • Gaps in e-infrastructure offerings, and service candidates to fill these gaps
  • Connections among e-infrastructure communities

About the participating e-infrastructures

  • EGI operates one of the largest compute and storage e-infrastructure of the world (more than 350 providers).
  • EUDAT is a collaborative Pan-European infrastructure that provides research data services, training and consultancy for researchers, research communities & infrastructures, data centres. 
  • GÉANT delivers and promotes advanced networks and related e-infrastructure services
  • OpenAIRE is a network of Open Access repositories, archives and journals that support Open Access policies.