Harvesting Results from the EUDAT Community: Demonstrators & Pilots
Let's meet at: 13:30 - 17:00, Room: Lagos | 24 Jan 2018
Session Chair: Daan Broeder (Meertens)
You can't miss it if you are a EUDAT/CDI service designer or an infrastructure user/manager of a Scientific Community


  • Present and demo the solutions developed by EUDAT and communities to address the data management needs of researchers and research communities through concrete pilots

More info on the session:

Over the past three years communities have been at work to plan and implement the use of EUDAT services. During this session the results of this effort will be shown through reporting and demos. In many cases, it has been communities that have taken the lead, suggesting new applications for existing services and working closely with EUDAT service developers to optimise what is offered. A series of presentations and demos will cover the work of both the EUDAT core communities as well as data pilots.

This session will also show how EUDAT services were offered and taken up by communities for infrastructure planning and development, providing insights on best and worst case practices. An analysis on those current experiences is important, as more communities are expected to integrate/use the EUDAT CDI in the future. To this aim, our second session will focus on an analysis of lessons learned through presentations and interactive discussions with the audience.