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Dynamic Data at the Second EUDAT Conference

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During the service building process and roll out of the Safe Replication (B2SAFE) service dynamic data has been a challenging subject. It is difficult to keep consistency between data objects, which are eligible to change and are replicated in a distributed environment. This use case is prominent within the seismology community (EPOS) dealing with sensor - generated data in earthquake sensitive areas across Europe and data streams that are generated by mobile devices at unpredictable times and in unpredictable order (CLARIN). Dynamic data is a broad subject, not only from sensor-generated data, but is seen within communities who have to deal with many unstructured and independent non-scientists (e.g. citizen scientists or crowdsourcing). Dynamic data is one of the working group interest fields.
During the 2nd EUDAT Conference, 28-30 October 2013–Rome, Italy, the New Services track included a specific session on Dynamic Data presenting both the outcome of the Dynamic Data working group meeting in Barcelona (September 2013) and the EPOS and CLARIN communities use cases on dynamic data.

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