• D9.5: Final Report on the Applicability of Object Stores within EUDAT

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    In this deliverable a summary of the work done by Task 9.1.1 of EUDAT’s Work Package 9 (WP9) which, in accordance with the project’s description of work (DoW), examined the applicability of object stores for implementing the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) and assessed the potential of this technology to improve CDI architecture components or to replace their current implementations, is provided. This task was a part of WP9’s activities that looked into modern architectures and technologies in order to examine and evaluate their usability for providing the basis for low-maintenance-cost, functionality-rich and high-quality EUDAT services for EUDAT’s user communities. In this wider context, T9.1.1 analysed the potential impact of applying object stores to the architecture and implementation of particular EUDAT services (namely B2SAFE, B2SHARE, and B2DROP) and also provided a view on possible architecture developments for the EUDAT CDI in the future. T9.1.1 was a task spanning 24 months. In this M24 deliverable the final conclusions of that work, based on activities conducted in the 2nd year of this phase of the EUDAT project, including further analysis of the technology, and proofs of concept with regard to selected areas of the application of object stores, as well as discussions of the results, concepts and ideas worked out during the first year of the work on this task, are reported.

    EUDAT2020 (2015-2018)