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    The aim of this deliverable is to lay out the ground for future work in WP8 by providing a clear list of additional services that should be developed as well as an initial list of high-level requirements. In this document, we are presenting general DLC descriptions for core EUDAT communities and for individual researcher and citizen scientists. These DLC descriptions have been derived from community specific user scenarios and were aligned using an agreed upon list of key activities involved in DLCs. Within these descriptions, we included the planned integration of EUDAT services in the different DLC steps extracted from current and future Uptake Plans (WP4) to dissociate as much as possible existing services, requirements and new services. These descriptions provide the first attempt to associate EUDAT services to identified DLC activities and were used to list the specific needs. From these needs, we were able to identify new services and provide a list of high-level requirements that will be used to further design and prototype the new services.

    EUDAT2020 (2015-2018)