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D6.1: Report on Status and Progress of Operations - Year 1

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This document about WP6 “Operations” reports on the service management by and within the EUDAT Common Data Infrastructure (CDI), the coordinated provisioning of resources and services, the operational tools that were used, and the support services (PID and AAI services) that were provided during the first year of the EUDAT2020 project. The instantiation and operation of services and suites of services in the context of data projects is another important task that is handled by WP6. This document therefore also describes the underlying conceptual approach that was used for implementing data projects and the “recipes” that were developed for service enabling, and reports EUDAT’s achievements in implementing research data projects and pilots that were requested by research communities during the first year of EUDAT2020. Data projects that were enabled during the first phase of the EUDAT project, and that EUDAT has operated since then, were reviewed and are still being managed. Among the main achievements in operations are the formalising of clear processes, roles and responsibilities according to the FitSM standard, the design and implementation of operational tools for managing the service portfolio and the data projects, the establishment of a CDI identity management system which allows users to register with EUDAT using identities provided by other identity providers, the extension of the network of PID service providers within the EUDAT CDI, the set-up of an availability and reliability monitoring system, consolidating the coordination of the daily core operations (provisioning and management of resources and services), providing intensified 1st and 2nd level user support, developing “recipes” for service enabling, and the beginning of planning for and the enabling of over 30 new data projects and pilots for customers with an aggregated total of about 40,000 users.

EUDAT2020 (2015-2018)