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    EUDAT is developing a collaborative data infrastructure (CDI) for European research communities. The EUDAT technology appraisal and service building work package (5) is responsible for creating services identified as being vital to support the research data life-cycle and thus provide communities and single researchers with tools to adhere to research data policies. This document reports on the work and progress in the final phase of the EUDAT project. Currently, there are six services in place of which five are in production (B2SAFE, B2SHARE, B2DROP, B2STAGE and B2FIND) and one has recently entered preproduction-state (the EUDAT federated Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI)). This deliverable reports on the final status of the six services and provides an outlook for future enhancements and developments of the services. The core part of the document focuses on the major results achieved to date. Additional technical details and reports are provided as annexes.