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    The EUDAT project is developing a collaborative data infrastructure (CDI) for European research communities. The EUDAT services and  technology appraisal work package is responsible for translating the services that were identified as being vital for the research communities into concrete services offered by EUDAT. This document reports on the work and progress in the second year of the service-building process. In the second year, three services were handed over to operations (Safe Replication, Data Staging and Persistent Identifiers), three existing services  continued to be developed (Joint Metadata, Simple Store and Federated AAI), and four new task forces were set up to build the newly-identified services (Lightweight Replication, Data Policy Manager, Semantic Annotation and EUDAT Box). This deliverable also reports on collaboration  activities with PRACE, EGI and TERENA, and addresses questions raised at the first annual review of the EUDAT project. The core part of the document focuses on the major results that have been achieved to date. Additional technical details and reports are provided as annexes.