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D4.1.3: Data Management Landscape Characteristics and Community Requirements (update)

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This updated report describes, firstly, the framing of the EUDAT services developed so far in the context of careful thought and action around issues such as trust, data management plans, standards and best practices, and more. It also describes what measures, such as the founding of working groups and the carrying out of additional user surveys, have been taken to include new researchers and communities in the conversation about needs and plans for new services to be addressed in the future.

In the first report we reported on the data landscape in the research communities; in this version we add a description of the data landscape in the EUDAT “generic data centres”. This overview establishes that a variety of data organization solutions (which cannot be easily changed) have been established over the years at the centres.

In consequence, our experiences over the first two years of EUDAT, our worldwide interactions and the deep insights into the existing data landscape point to the need for careful analysis and planning for the data architecture in EUDAT and the recommendations to be developed in in organizations such as RDA.