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D2.2.2 EUDAT Services Rolling Plan 2012-2015 (update)

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This Rolling Plan makes EUDAT’s service delivery intentions publically available in a transparent way, and will help communities to plan their engagement with EUDAT and the utilization of the EUDAT CDI. Service delivery needs to be considered against the following goals:

  1. the improvement of recently developed types of services, for example, safe replication;
  2. the development of new types of services and service components;
  3. the rollout of instances of those services, that is, making them available and enabling a wider range of user communities from different scientific domains to use them.

This plan presents a roadmap for the development and rollout of EUDAT services up until the end of 2015. This covers both the enhancement of existing services and the introduction of new types of services, guided by the requirements surveys from WP41,2 and the recommendation of the EUDAT Services and Architecture Forum (SAF).
We explain how the overall CDI will develop and introduce complementary models of joining the CDI as a new EUDAT node versus using it (a looser interaction).

To complement the development roadmap we conclude with a rollout plan, an indication of when we expect EUDAT services to be rolled out across the core centres of the project consortium.