Coupling data and HPC resources together to enable large scientific projects: the EUDAT-PRACE case
Let's meet at: 09:00 - 10:30, Room: Bragança | 24 Jan 2018
Session Chair: Giuseppe Fiameni, CINECA


Present the result of the joint pilots as outcome of the collaboration between PRACE and EUDAT and future opportunities.

More on the session:

PRACE - the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe -  research infrastructure enables high impact European scientific discovery and engineering research and development across all disciplines to enhance European competitiveness to the benefit of society. PRACE aims to achieve this mission through world class computing and data management resources and services open to all European public research through a peer review process.
The PRACE-EUDAT interoperability collaboration is based on the implementation of cross-infrastructure pilots resulting from joint calls for proposals. Since 2014 EUDAT is regularly contributing to PRACE DECI Calls offering data services to projects interested in managing data throughout and after the end of PRACE grants. Seven pilots have been granted to access EUDAT services for a total request of 700 TB of storage space.

Draft Agenda:

  • General Introduction - Giuseppe Fiameni, CINECA
  • “Hybrid simulations of plasma turbulence in support of space missions: toward an archive for numerical results with EUDAT services” - Luca Franci, University of Florence
  • Invited Speaker 2 (TBC)