Computing e-infrastructure with extreme large datasets
Let's meet at: 13:30 - 15:00, Room: Bragança | 24 Jan 2018
Session Chair: Ognjen Prnjat, GRNET


Engage the newly-funded H2020 initiatives which focus on Computing e-infrastructure dealing with extremely large datasets. Inform EUDAT service providers and users on suggested techniques/services for handling exascale data resources.

More on the session:

Projects funded under EINFRA-21 umbrella focus on developing service prototypes to cope with very large data resources. These prototypes are envisaged to have common interfaces to access and analyse underlying data collected/stored in different platforms, formats, locations  and e-infrastructures and will be tested against requirements of very large or highly heterogeneous research data sets. The target high-end research communities and large scale facilities (e.g. ESFRI projects) are planned to be provided with novel approaches to high-performance computing and data management (e.g. HPC-through-the cloud, support of most innovative server’s architectures for distributed computing in particular high memory/cores ratios), including the basic software layers supporting applications such as modelling, simulation, pattern recognition, visualisation, etc. The session aims to give an overview of these activities, and explore the synergies with current and planned EUDAT work.

Draft Agenda: