Collaboration with SMEs and commercial stakeholders
Let's meet at: 15:30 - 16:00, Room: Bragança | 24 Jan 2018
Session Chair: David Wright, UCL


Report the results of the collaboration with private stakeholders either as Small-Medium Enterprise or Commercial Storage Provider.

More on the session:

Supporting the innovation capacity of European SMEs is not only a key goal of Horizon2020, but offering services to this class of user can be a significant contributor to providing sustainable funding for EU infrastructure. However, in practice many obstacles - both technical and practical - exist which prevent the uptake of research infrastructure by industrial partners. In this session we will focus on the issues that we have uncovered trying to engage SME’s in the use of the EUDAT collaborative data infrastructure.

We believe that active collaborations with SMEs can not only help sustain EU infrastructure projects into the future, but also aid in hardening their services and furthering the development of new services. Such interactions are beneficial not only for the SMEs and infrastructure provider, but the wider research community. However, in order to take advantage of these benefits, projects such as EUDAT need to flexible in their SME engagement, allowing them to adopt services without compromising their commercial interests and to provide transparent cost models for installation and on going usage of storage services.