Themis Zamani (GRNET): Themis Zamani holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Science - Information Systems - from the University of Crete. Since 2013 she works for GRNET, the Greek national cloud, network and HPC provider where she has participated in a wide range of European projects, undertaking both technical and management responsibilities including Software Engineer and Senior Project Manager for e-Infrastructures. Today she holds the position of Head of Unit for Implementation in the European Infrastructures and Projects Directorate and is a member of the EUDAT Board. 

Themis has in-depth experience in a wide range of technologies, including stream processing platforms, big data analytics, data management, cloud computing. Her areas of interest also include Persistent identifiers and  Federated Service Management. For this purpose she is actively participating in the related Task forces and international fora whilst at the same time she serves as the Service Owner of GRNET PID service and EUDAT B2HANDLE Service.