Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland

Anca Hienola (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Finland: Dr. Anca Hienola holds a doctoral degree in Atmospheric Physics and boasts a career spanning over two decades in atmospheric sciences and climate change research. 

Her expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from the intricate processes of new particle formation, contact phenomena, and organic compounds nucleation to the realm of global and regional climate modelling. Among her noteworthy achievements, one of her research papers, for which she served as the lead author, received recognition by being cited in the latest Special IPCC report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees—a testament to her significant contributions to the field of climate science. Currently, Dr. Hienola serves as a leading specialist in Open Science at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. 

Her journey into the world of open data and open access, research infrastructure activities, and involvement in several European projects commenced in early 2017. Notable projects in her portfolio include EOSC pilot, EOSC Nordic, and ENVRI-FAIR, where she assumed the role of co-coordinator. Her commitment extended to projects like EOSC-Future, OSCARS, and ENVRI-hub NEXT and OSTrails.