Abdulrahman Azab


Abdulrahman Azab is a Senior Advisor, Sigma2 AS - Norwegian research infrastructure services (NRIS), and is also a Senior Advisor in the management team of the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). Azab has a long history in managing Nordic e-Infrastructure projects. He has previously acted as the Project Manager the Nordic Pandemic e-Infrastructure project (PaRI) and the sensitive data services projects (Tryggve). 
Abdulrahman is currently a technical coordinator with NeIC’s Sensitive Data Forum and Expert Network for Nordic and EU Collaboration, a community coordinator for NeIC’s FAIR Data Forum, and is a steering board chair as well as activity lead in NeIC’s Nordic WLCG tier-1 facility. Abdulrahman is a member of the EuroHPC LUMI user support team and is the coordinator of the EuroHPC containers forum. He teaches graduate-level HPC Bioinformatics courses at the University of Oslo and conducts research in HPC, High Throughput Computing, High Availability Computing, Cloud Computing, Machine/Deep Learning, Cybersecurity, and Bioinformatics.