Array Databases for Research Communities
Let's meet at: 14:00 - 18:00, Room: Bragança | 22 Jan 2018
Session Chairs: Luca Trani, KNMI; Christian Pagé, CERFACS
You can't miss it if you belong to a community dealing with multidimensional and spatial datasets and you want make your requirements, use cases and related challenges known.
Practitioners and experts are also invited to provide feedback and share their practical experience of adopting ArrayDB in their community and discuss future directions.


EUDAT will host the third Array Databases WG workshop on 22 Jan 2018 in Porto. This event is co-located with the EUDAT Conference "Putting the EOSC vision into practice".  
The workshop targets technology experts, research community representatives and practitioners interested in providing their personal experience in adopting such technologies and discovering more about ArrayDB.
At the workshop:  
    •    Results of the experiments selected in the WG will be presented;  
    •    Benefits with respect to traditional methods, limitations, challenges encountered and lessons learned will be discussed;
    •     Possible strategies to be followed up to extend these activities beyond EUDAT2020 and address future work.


5’ Luca Trani -- Introduction (Presentation)
Presentation technology experts

Presentations experiments (Part I)

  • 20'+5' Andrea Pagani – experiment with RASDAMAN (Presentation)

Coffee Break 30'

Presentations experiments (Part I)

  • 20'+5' Christian Pagé – experiment with OPHIDIA (Presentation) (Videos)
  • 30’ Technical Discussion

15'+5' Mark van de Sanden – EUDAT CDI (Presentation)

Discussion -- Follow up strategies and conclusions